Programmatically set the language of a word document using Word's object modal in Visual Basic 2005

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I am currently developing a document management system, using Word as the editor which is embedded into a picture box on a form, so that I have complete control over it's operation / integration. The system uses RTF as the document format, which gets stored into a database. I have no problem setting the Language for the file initially, as I send the RTF code deflang2057 to set the default language to English UK.

However, when the saved RTF is retrieved from the database, Word would always switch the Language to English US, so I have to force the Language back to English UK by changing the language ID for the active document using the following syntax :-

Public WithEvents ObjWord As Word.Application

ObjWord = New Word.ApplicationClass

ObjWord.Visible = True

ObjWord.ActiveDocument.Range.LanguageID = Word.WdLanguageID.wdEnglishUK


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